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Crime Patrol | Civil engineer Satyendra Dubey murder case (Episode 99, 100 on 6, 7 April 2012)

Civil engineer Satyaprakash Chaubey (formerly known as Satyendra Dubay and played by Abishek Pande), was a graduate of IIT Kanpur and IT BHU with an exceptional academic record. He was pleased to secure a position as a project manager with the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). However, due to his unwavering dedication to honesty and integrity, high-level corrupt politicians and builders were unhappy with him as he was in a position to expose all the corruption within the NHAI.

Watch the video to know more about the case
Some senior politicians and builders coerced him to keep all corrupt practices private and offered him a bribe. Satya Prakash was dissatisfied with this and wrote a letter to Prime Minister Atal Bihar Vajpayee, but the letter was leaked before it reached the PM. On the night of 27th November 2003, as Satyaprakash returned from a wedding, three unknown individuals attacked him and brutally murdered him outside Gaya Junction, Bihar.

Who were the people who killed Satyaprakash?
Did his death get justice?

Watch here the crime patrol version and news coverage (In Hindi) of Satyendra Dubey's case.

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  1. can anyone plz share both the vdeos ??

  2. A must watch episode i tell you i myself a civil engineer and the episode was so well designed that it actually shows how big fish ate all a few chunks are left for subb contractors