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Crime Patrol | Acid Attack Victim Rashmi Kaur (Inderjit Kaur) fights for justice (Episode 267, 268 on 6th, 7th July 2013)

"I feel ashamed to be born in India, Had I been born is the US or some other country, such a thing would have never happened." says Inderjit, who sees life from behind a veil now.
This is not a repeat telecast of Sonali Mukherjee case. This is a case of another Acid Attack Victim of India. There are several cases of Acid attack that are still running in Indian courts. To show the same kind of case is just to awake the government to make a strict law against acid attacks in India.
It is another terrible story of Acid Attack Victim Inderjit Kaur (shown is Rashmi Kaur). Inderjit Kaur's father died during her childhood. She is youngest family member with her brother and mother Ranjit Kaur. The man who spoiled her whole life, the name is Manjit Singh (shown as Randeep Singh). He was in love with Inderjit when she was is 12th class. During his 12th class he proposed her. Inderjit denied but he tried again and again. Manjit also visited Inderjit's mother for his marriage proposal with Inderjit. Inderjit's mother complained of all his activities to Panchayat and panchayat warned him. Finally, Manjit decided to teach her a lesson and throws acid on her during December 2011.
Inderjit Kaur, Then and Now
After the acid attack Inderjit lost her one eye. Belonging to a poor family it was hard for them to manage money on her treatment and till now they have spent 9 lac rupees on her six reconstruction surgeries.

Watch the video to know more about the case

Inderjit tried to commit su!c!de 2 times but finally, she decided to fight for justice and fight until a strict law will be made so that her case will serve as inspiration as well as a lesson for victims and attackers.

In 2012 Fortis Hospital, Chandigarh told the high court that they will take all expenses of her reconstruction surgeries and their plastic surgeons will operate her free of cost.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the inside story of the case:
Here are the details of Inderjit's bank account number. Please raise as much as you can for her survival.
Donations can be made to
Account Holder: Inderjeet Kaur
HDFC BANK: 43B, Chandigarh
HDFC Account no: 13141000200468
IFCS: HDFC0001314
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