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Crime Patrol Case 13/2019: Hoshiyarpur's 'Surinder Singh Paali Missing case' helped busting fake Passport-Visa Gang (Ep 86, 87 on 2, 3 Nov 2019)
Kalpanik: 20 year old Domestic help Sunil Panday goes missing (Episode 738 on 25th November, 2016)
Lakeer: Murder of Furniture contractor Rahul Mathur (Episode 695 on 12th Aug, 2016)
Saazish: A full proof conspiracy to eliminate NRI businessman Narendra Walia (Episode 566, 567 on 3rd, 4th Oct, 2015)
Bezubaan: Abduction of 6 year old Priya (Episode 550, 551 on 29th, 30th Aug, 2015)
Quest for happiness: Who killed carpenter Satnam and why? (Episode 249 and 250 on 21st, 22nd March 2014)
Mukhota: Did Balwant plan to fake own murder? (Episode 298, 299 on 27, 28 Sep 2013)
Acid Attack Victim Rashmi Kaur (Inderjit Kaur) fights for justice (Episode 267, 268 on 6th, 7th July 2013)
Crime Patrol: A Cruel Conspiracy | Sonia Singh kidnapped, raped, filmed and thrownout of the car (Episode 215, 216, 217 on 1, 2, 3 March 2013)
'Honour Killing' of Jyoti at Hoshiarpur, Punjab (Episode 205 on 25th Jan 2013)
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