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'Honour Killing' of Jyoti at Hoshiarpur, Punjab (Episode 205 on 25th Jan 2013)

Honour Killing
Jyoti Singh (real name Manpreet Kaur) loves Manish (real name Sandip Kumar) who belongs to a lower cast. Her parents (father real name Kapur Singh and mother real name Balwinder Kaur) are against their marriage.
One day while driving from her home towards her friends home for her Friend's ring ceremony, Jyoti goes missing. Her parents raises FIR to the police. After a day her body found near Bhagoda Crossing. She was bumped by some heavy vehicle on the main road. Her parents claims that they gave cash 4,000/- to Jyoti. Other than this she had a gold ring and a chain for the ring ceremony of her friend. Probably the things were looted.

Online Episode on YouTube:
Here is the inside story of the case

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