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Case 75/2017: Haridwar blanket trader Amit/Goldy Dixit murder case (Ep 878 on 16 Dec 2017)
Case 59/2017: (Ep 847 on 25 Aug, 2017 Crime Patrol Satark Season 1)
Case 22/2017: Bank manager Vinay Panday's wife and son found murder (Episode 784 on 31st Mar, 2017)
Belagaam: Robbers gang rape woman and stabs husband, father-in-law in Jodhpur's posh colony (Episode 732, 733 on 5th, 6th November, 2016)
Mukammal: Gurgaon man Abhishek gives wife's supari for his ex-girlfriend Kajal (Episode 728 on 28th Oct, 2016)
Jawaab: Businessman Harish and maid found murdered inside office (Episode 719 on 7th October, 2016)
Ghera: A conspiracy behind drug racket of Punjab (Episode 669 on 11th June, 2016)
Scandal: Baba Laxman Prajapati blackmailed over his obscene video with a teenager girl (Episode 632 on 6th March, 2016)
Chot: Murder of 16 year old Rohit Thakur (Episode 532, 533 on 18, 19 July 2015)
The Lost daughters: Village girls in sake of a better life and income (Episode  381, 382, 383 0n 13, 14, 15 June 2014)
Reprisal: Woman killed doctor and sent his body part to her wife (Episode 292 on 8th Sep 2013)
Where is my daughter, Story of missing Sofia Suleman (Episode 281, 282 on 10th-11th Aug 2013)
Acid Attack Victim Rashmi Kaur (Inderjit Kaur) fights for justice (Episode 267, 268 on 6th, 7th July 2013)
Crime Patrol: What happened on 16th Dec 2012 (Delhi) has happened in 1997 (Bokaro) also | waqt badla halaat nahin (Episode 249, 250 on 24, 25 May 2013)
IIT Aspirants kills a senior citizen to avenge insult and humiliation (Episode 101, 102 on 13, 14 March 2012)
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