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Crime Patrol | Ghera: A conspiracy behind drug racket of Punjab (Episode 669 on 11 June 2016)

Harjit Gil is a businessman from Paris who is currently in touch with his two nephews Raghuveer, Pankaj and a friend Manjeet in Chandigarh via WhatsApp. He tells them that next week he will be back from Bangkok to spend some time in Chandigarh and will meet them. All three are waiting for him eagerly but he does not reach there also he is not responding now on WhatsApp too. A week passed but his own home in Chandigarh is still locked.
Pankaj, Raghuveer and Manjeet starts worrying about him and files his missing complain at police station. Police now talks to Harjit's wife in Paris and she tells them that Harjit divorced her 6 years ago without any specific reason. Harjit was willing to leave Paris and wanted to shift to India while his wife was not agreed on this. But they were still in contact with each-other and used to talk often. She talked to him a week ago and he was saying her that he will spend some days in India.
Kawalpreet, Moin Azam, Pankaj Berry, Trishna Mukherjee, geetanjali mishra, rekha, rushad rana, sanjeev tyagi
Geetanjali Mishra and Trishna Mukherjee

Manjit, Raghuveer and Pankaj also has a doubt in mind because Harjit's language on his WhatsApp chat was a little different and they has a feeling that someone else was using his mobile and WhatsApp.

Pankaj Berry
Geetanjali Mishra
Trishna Mukherjee

Sanjeev Tyagi
Moin Azam Khan

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the inside story of the case:
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