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Amazon Prime's 'DAHAAD' | Cyanide Mohan's Diary: A Record of His Murder Attempts and Strategy (Crime Patrol Sansani Episode 77)
Courtroom | Saazish - Girl implicates charges of rape and blackmailing on her husband and friend (Case 10 on 30, 31 March, 2019)
Courtroom: Case 36/2018 (Bangla) : Eight year old missing Rohan killed for property
Case 14/2018: Double Murder, Senior journalist KJ Singh murder case in Chandigarh (Episode 908, 909 on 7th, 8th Apr, 2018)
Case 72/2017: Indumati Sonkar (Geetanjali Mishra) Murder Case, Mau, Uttar Pradesh (Ep 872-873 on 18-19 Nov, 2017)
Crime Patrol | Case 70/2017: Bhopal Shocker, Truck driver Sanjay's plan to rescue Chanda (Ep 868, 869 on 4, 5 Nov 2017 Crime Patrol Satark)
  Case 66/2017: Millionaire, Elderly couple Jai Kishan and wife Geeta found murdered, daughter prime suspect (Ep 860, 861 on 7th, 8th Oct, 2017)
Case 17/2017: Ludhiana's Land Dealer Surender Arora Murder case (Ep 776, 777 - 10, 11 March)
Hisaab: Factory owner Lalit Malik stabbed and killed in his room (Episode 750, 751 on 24th, 25th Dec, 2016)
Bediyan: Kanpur's mother Rubina and daughter Shazia killed (Episode 741 on 2 December, 2016)
Target: Gang of four kidnappers chooses a wrong target (Episode 731 on 4th Nov, 2016)
Haqiqat: Irfan goes missing few days after Mauseen's missing (Episode 721, 722 on 8th, 9th October, 2016)
Bedardi: Jaideep Mathur's wife Gauri and three kids found murdered in their home (Episode 717, 718 on 1st, 2nd October, 2016)
Mauka: Aspirations of Anita lends her to human trafficking (Episode 684, 685 on 16th, 17th July 2016)
Ghera: A conspiracy behind drug racket of Punjab (Episode 669 on 11th June, 2016)
Bhadkaava: A mysterious murder case of 13 year old school kid Anurag Mandal (Binay Mahato) (Episode 660/661 on 21/22 May 2016)
Durangaa: Murder of 18 year old boy Furqaan (Episode 662 on 27th May, 2016)
Hamla: Pawan Bhardwaj goes missing with his mother and son Rohan (Episode 647, 648 on 15th, 16th April, 2016
Rangdaari: Patna's businessman kidnapped for ransom (Episode 619, 621 on 13th, 14th February, 2016)
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