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Crime Patrol | Case 14/2018: Double Murder, Senior journalist KJ Singh murder case in Chandigarh (Episode 908, 909 on 7, 8 Apr 2018)

2018 का चौदवां केस
Case 14/2018
65 years old Senior wildlife photographer Jaidev Paranjape lives with his 90-year-old mother. A few years back he retired from his job and now doing freelancing from home. He is an unmarried man who cooks breakfast and dinner himself for his mother and him while his lunch comes from his elder sister's home which is nearby and it is their daily routine.
Everything is going well in his life but from the last few days, he is observing that someone is spying at him. He finds few guys are trying to trespass his home's boundary. He again observes something fishy in the park near his home.

The very next morning when his sister again comes to serve him lunch, she finds that he is not opening the door. She tries calling Jaidev on his phone but the phone is also not received. In the meanwhile his son enters into the main door which was not locked from inside. Entering into the home he finds bloodstains throughout the floor. Entering into Jaidev's bedroom they find him dead in a pool of blood while his mother is also strangulated to die in her bedroom.

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