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Case 31/2017: Bhopal Shocker, Udayan Das kills, entombs live-in partner Akanksha Sharma on a marble platform (Ep 799, 800, 801 on 5, 6, 7 May 2017)
Case 17/2017: Ludhiana's Land Dealer Surender Arora Murder case (Ep 776, 777 - 10, 11 March)
Case 3/2017: Baghpat, U.P's three police constable murdered along with three family members (Episode 755, 756 on 7th, 8th January, 2017)
Baadal: Kanpur's triple murder case (Episode 339, 340 on 26th, 27th Nov, 2016)
Dead End: Mysterious murder of junior advocate also parent's spoiled brat son Santosh Mahato (Episode 729, 730 on 29th, 30th Oct, 2016)
Haasil: Medical Store owner Yogesh Tiwari's son kidnapped and killed (Episode 722 on 14th Oct, 2016)
Tadbir: Double Murder, Basheer and his wife Saira found murdered in their locked home (Episode 707 on 9th Sep, 2016)
Hamsafar: A Tale of Three girls Rekha, Geeta and Supriya from Gujarat (Episode 702, 703 on 27th, 28th August, 2016)
Ghera: A conspiracy behind drug racket of Punjab (Episode 669 on 11th June, 2016)
Varchasva: Pandit Dashrath gets Life Imprisonment in  Hunger of Power and Position (Episode 624 on 21 February, 2016)
Karz: Fatehabad - UP, Isurance agent provokes man to kill father (Episode 618 on 12th, Feb 2016)
Aashankit: Senior Citizen Devendra Shankar goes missing (Episode 607, 608 on 16th, 17th January, 2016)
Rosh: Private firm employees sexually exploited by boss (Episode 607 on 24th November, 2015)
Saazish: A full proof conspiracy to eliminate NRI businessman Narendra Walia (Episode 566, 567 on 3rd, 4th Oct, 2015)
Accidental death or Murder: Abhishek Arora's Accidental death case re-opens (Episode 556, 557 on 12th, 13th Sep, 2015)
Sar Kati Laash: Cop's wife found alive after a year of murder (Episode 513, 514 on 30th, 31st May 2015)
Crime Patrol: Shootout | Jamshedpur serial murders and shootouts (Episode 433, 434 on 15th, 16th November 2014)
A Devilish Plot: Conspiracy to implicate businessman Manoj Lalwani (Episode 277 on 2nd August 2013)
Who Killed Shweta: Father held for murdering daughter (Episode 229 on 5th Arp 2013)
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