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A Devilish Plot: Conspiracy to implicate businessman Manoj Lalwani (Episode 277 on 2nd August 2013)

एक शैतानी षड़यंत्र
A Devilish Plot
Delhi, May 2013
Ajeet (real name Raza and played by Gyanendra Tripathi) reaches police station with his sister Rajshri and informs the police that her sister was abused while she was waiting for a conveyance from Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah to Lado Sarai.

That was a mid night and while she did not get a way to reach her home at Lado Sarai, she takes a Mahindra Xylo car with few people who also took the same vehicle. Other person gets down before Lado Sarai came and the man who was driving the car, attacked her and tried to assault her. Rajshri says that that man slapped her, snatched her gold chain. Due to some circumstances that man thrown him out of the car and ran away.

When police tracked her mobile phone, they gets the location. Reaching the place they finds same Xylo car out side house of a Gurgaon (originally Faridabad, Haryana) based business man Manoj Lalwani (real name Ashok and played by Pankaj Berry) who is the same person whose sketch was made with the help of Rajshri.

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Here is the inside story of the case

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