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Crime Patrol | Aashankit: Senior Citizen Devendra Shankar goes missing (Episode 607, 608 on 16, 17 January 2016)


Belgaum, Karnataka

Anuradha, daughter of Devendra Shankar and she is very rude by nature and a anti social person. She never wants anyone will interfere in her any personal matter. She is forcing her father to transfer their property of rupee 500 crore on her name which was left by her grand-mother and then by her mother.

Her mother Jayalaxmi dies of depression after Anuradha left their home. Before she died, Devendra and Jayalaxmi were living alone in their flat while Anuradha was living in some other flat alone. Anuradha is a divorcee and her parents always wanted that she get re-marry but greedy Anuradha only wants to own that property.

Devendra’s brother in Kolhapur always keeps his touch with him and often talks to him on phone. His sons also uses to talk to Devendra often. A day Devendra suddenly disappears. Devendra’s nephew reaches Belgam to file his missing complain. He tells police that Devendra’s daughter lives in Kolhapur but she doesn’t takes care of him. Police reaches Anuradha’s home and asks her for duplicate keys of Devendra’s flat. Somehow Anuradha gives keys to police but not a bit cooperates with then. Till now police’s main suspect is Anuradha who might have done something wrong to get property papers.

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Here is the inside story of the case. Thanks to Upma Sharma for providing online source of the story.

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