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What happend on 16th Dec 2012 (Delhi) has happened in 1997 (Bokaro) also, waqt badla halaat nahin (Episode 249, 250 on 24th-25th May 2013)

जो 16 दिसंबर 2012 में दिल्ली में हुआ वो 1997 में बोकारो में भी हुआ था
What happened in 2012 also happened in 1997
Episode starts with a high profile meeting at Mumbai on 16 Dec Delhi case. The meeting is focusing what the steps can be taken to stop such crimes. Death penalty will not be the correct solution! Dhananjoy Chatterjee was executed by hanging on Aug 14th, 2004 for the murder of the 14 year victim Hetal Parekh on March 5, 1990. But after that, did the crimes stop? No. If we want to stop these types of crimes then we need to go to the root of the problem. Government should make such laws that every criminal must think hundred times before committing such type of terrible crimes. Also there must be fast track justice on the cases.

16th Dec, Delhi crime did not happen the first time in Indian history! Crimes were already has been done several times before but due to flaws in the justice procedure, our judiciary system always failed to stop them.

The episode focuses on near 15-16 years old similar type of case. Victim Rachna Gupta, 17 (played by Raquel Rabello), daughter of Bokaro steel plant officer Rameshwar Gupta (played by Chandresh Singh) is elder along two daughter. She is a student of intermediate and preparing for engineering. Eve teasers (near 7-8 boys) daily harassing her when she passes from the road between her school and home. Guys send a misguiding letter to her home which was received by his father. Asking her daughter, Rachna explains that this is done by those guys who daily tantrums her and pass ugly comments on her. Father Rameshwar shouts at those boys and then goes area police station to file a complaint. Police official told him that they will give those guys warning to stop all this.

Police constables goes to that area and warns all guys to stop all these activities otherwise police will put them behind the bar. Flame of Vengeance is burning in those guys and they plans to teach Rachna a lesson.

The Story is based on April 5th, 1999 abduction case of Monica/Maneesha(16) a class 12th student at St Xavier’s School from steel city Bokaro, Jharkhand. She was abused by 19 people on that day. Accused arrested by police were Yunus Ansari, Abbas Ansari, Talib Ansari, Noor Alam Ansari, Mansoor Ansari, Sirajuddin Ansari, Habib Ansari, Anwar, Islam Ansari, Feroz Shah, Abdul Sattar, Gaffar Ansari, Momin Akhtar, Saiyuum Ansari and Khadim Hussain, Muzib Ansari, Shabbir Shah, Iqbal Shah, Quazi Rizwan, Pramod Pillai and Mani Swamy.
The shock of incident left Monica mentally disordered and was unable to walk, work or move on her own. The ugly part of the case was this that SP of Bokaro denied the case and said that is a fabricated case. The whole city was put on fire when the case was published next day with photos of the girl . Thousands of residents started allegation in the city for the justice. That time curfew was the only solution to stop the protests so IG of the city clamped three days curfew in the city.

May, 2004 - Police was able to trace Khadim Hussain who was absconding after the incident.

Full Episodes:

Part 1: What Happened in 2012- Also happened in 1997, Episode 249
Part 2: What Happened in 2012- Also happened in 1997, Episode 250

Part 1: What Happened in 2012- Also happened in 1997, Episode 249
Part 2: What Happened in 2012- Also happened in 1997, Episode 250

Here is the inside story of the case:
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  1. I cried after watching both the episodes.
    I felt like killing those 19 morons right there. Poor girl...
    What was her fault..?? That she was a girl..??

    Nari shakti..?? All non sense....

    1. I watched the episode today and ur right, I felt the same as you did.

    2. I am from Bokaro and still unable to forget the things that happened then. It was the most gruesome act any human being can do to other human being rather I would correct by saying those were the animals as no sane mind can even think abt the brutality those people did to the poor girl. Really sad to know such people are allowed to live in our society.

  2. Reduce Eve teasing first to prevent rapes? It takes months/years of high meetings to still decide what should be done? Simple, publicly hang the criminals for rape, Ideal would be to cut off their organs, but still, this will instill fear in those who will even think of eve teasing or passing comments to a girl again. The idea is to avoid crime by punishing the criminals in public so there will be a social fear before committing or thinking of committing a crime.

  3. I was totally broken at the end of second episode in which, the girl was expired after dreadful life of 12 years without experiencing the punishment to culprits. It was a sleepless night to me.We should not hang the culprits but, we shall punish them in a way that what they did to the victim.First of all, we shall cut off their hands (upto arms) and legs (upto knees) of culprits in a rape. They shall feel shy to ask any help from anybody throughout the life. Any punishment means, the culprits have had to feel the result/consequence of their heinous crime. If simply they hanged, what will be the result and neither it is useful to victim nor it is realizable to culprit.

  4. In my opinion, we require a broad based social reform, starting from equal education to all, so that people who never had any opportunity to study in good school, do not feel left out, there is a class divide, which creates dissent amongst people who consider middle class as better off and have ingrained hatred towards them.
    this is prevalent in metros too, not only in rural areas.

    However, even if we take preventive approach, it will take 50-100 years for any noticeable social change. especially in a country like india with so much of diversity. So, I recommend, for short term, we need to make an example of every case, be it eve teasing, or rape and murder.
    Not only the rapist, but his entire family must be ostracized, killed, burnt alive, so that there is so much fear in the hearts and minds of those people that they dare not think of even looking at a girl walking outside.
    This mentality needs to be crushed.
    All these rapists should be hung upside down with one leg, rest of the limbs chopped off, genitals fed to dogs, barbed wire inserted into their ass, and their family member should be made to watch.
    Human rights watchgroups should also be included in this forced to watch list.

    1. You say that kill their families totally uncalled

  5. Hi Crime Patrol

    This was one of the most touching episodes......

    It was really heart breaking to see wat happened with this girl. I am a male by gender but all i did after watching this episode was pray to GOD that no girl ever in this world face a situation this worst. Also i was very sad to know that the accused in this case only got life imprisonment........ I think they shud have got rigorous and torcher filled life imprisonment...... As what they did to the girl was horrendous. And ofcos wat the family has been thru. For 9 yrs the parents died every single second of their life looking at the condition of their daughter... It is a shame on India its govt and its legal system that it took six years for a open and shut case........

    Anyways crime patrol please provide all details of the original case here....... Hope we can read it and i feel i like moving te higher courts for a much tougher punishment for these 19 bastards.......

  6. To some extend law is supposed to be blame, that is basic. But why the community must take this nonsense from this goon daisy and retailate and some sort of action to put buggers online before any incident take place

  7. I am from Bokaro, I was in school, still remember everything. The chaos in the city and the curfew. These people are animals.