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Crime Patrol | Manipur girl Tanya r*pe case in Dwarka-Delhi (Episode 83 on 10 Feb 2012)

Delhi, always known as the most unsafe city for Females. The case is about a Middle East Manipur 20 year girl Tanya who works in a spa center.

A night after getting delayed form her shift, Tanya was waiting for a conveyance to her Hostel. On the way, a man named Vikas offers her lift to drop her safely to her place. Tanya agrees and after few minutes Vikas stops his car near a Jungle.

Police get to know that Vikas's real name is Sameer Punj and visits his home. Sameer's wife tells police that Sameer is out of the town for his office tour. 

Online Episode on YouTube:

Online Episode on YouTube

The real cause of Dwarka - New Delhi. Here is the inside story of the case:

Also the NDTV coverage of the case with video.

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