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Mauka: Aspirations of Anita lends her to human trafficking (Episode 684, 685 on 16th, 17th July 2016)
Crime Patrol | Ghaat: Blackmailed over facebook lands engineering student to commit su!c!de (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 95, 16 February 2016)
Laparwaah: Delhi Shocker, Girl abducted to teach a lesson (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 12 on 10th Nov, 2015)
Brother's revenge from his Sister over Property (Episode 561 on 25th Sep, 2015)
Qaid: Nazneen, Rashmi and Hina trapped into Human Trafficking (Episode 523, 524 on 26th, 27th June 2015)
Tit for Tat: Daily wage Labour Sushma molested in presence of neighbor Devki Teli (Episode 456, 457 on 10th, 11th Jan 2015)
Lawless: Rukhsana's father beaten to death by eve-teasers (Episode 400 on 1st Aug 2014)
The Motive: Keshav takes revenge from Manohar Lumi after 22 years (Episode 251 and 252 on 28st, 29nd March 2014)
Chingari: I have no regret that I burned him alive (Episode 300 on 4 Oct 2013)
Crime Patrol: Jyoti Rani murder case, MLA Ram Kumar Chaudhary arrested (Episode 212, 213 on 15, 16 Feb 2013)
An Essey on my Family: Tejas exposed domestic violence of his home as class essay (Episode 187 on 7th Dec 2012)
Suzette Jordan, Kolkata Park Street Rape Case Survivor (Episode 134, 135 on 27th, 28th July 2012)
Manipur girl Tanya rape case in Dwarka-Delhi (Episode 83 on 10 Feb 2012)
Anupama Sarkar's Shocking Death in a Bomb Blast (Episode 54 on 28th Nov 2011)
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