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Crime Patrol | School Teacher Anupama Sarkar's Shocking Death in a Bomb Blast (Episode 54 on 28 Nov 2011)

IED Blast

Anupama Sarkar is a school teacher in Madhavri, who is a divorcee. She lives alone in a rented flat. She got divorce immediately after her marriage because her husband was still in love with his previous girlfriend Reena.

While separation Amit promises him to return all her assets he has even once there are away. In the same sequence she receives a courier from a courier boy. Courier mentions her Ex-husband's name as sender and when she opens this courier, a blast happens that kills Anupama.

Police investigation releaves that it was IED which is mostly used by Maoist groups and this IED is also made by an expert.

Anupama's parents are blaming her Ex-husband Amit Sengupta for this incident. Police is also suspicious about some personal angle, rather than maoist activity.

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Here is the inside story of the case

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