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Chingari: I have no regret that I burned him alive (Episode 300 on 4 Oct 2013)

Nirmala (victim played by Malini Sengupta) is a widow who lives in village Soytha (real name Soyian village under Parsa Bazar), Bihar. One of the powerful man Bhajan Singh (real name Bhola Thakur) from the same village is trying to harrass her daily. Bhajan Singh is elder brother of Bhola Singh who already had a case on him after assaulting a 12 year old girl. Nirmala is afraid of him because Bhajan Sibgh is powerful man. He shares his pain with her neighbor and they also suggests her to be aware of that man. A night Nirmala starts crying and knocks her neighbor's door. She tells them that a thief has entered into her home. She also tells that she locked the home and thief is still there in the home.
Nirmala, played by Malini Sengupta
People goes to police and police finds Bhajan Singh inside the home who has burnt badly. Later Bhajan Singh passes away.


Here is the inside story of the case:

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