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Love On Rampage: Police constable Ravi and Priya nabbed for killing three (Episode 310, 302 on 5th, 6th Oct 2013)

Love On Rampage
The story focuses on backward culture of today's India where a couple Ravi (real name Basant Kumar) and Priya (real name Sarita) who loves each other from childhood, can not marry each other because their clan(गोत्र, Gotra) is equal.
After becoming a police constable, Ravi decides to get marry with Priya. When Ravi discussed this with parent of Priya and his family, they denies their marriage. Gram Panchayat also makes decision that they can not marry each other because in case of equal clan with same village, boy and girl becomes bother and sister.
Ravi and Priya runs away from their village and get marry in a temple. They were living at some other place with help of one of Ravi's friend. Gram Panchayat plans to get them back anyhow. For this they send Ravi's friend to Ravi who tells them that their families and Gram Panchayat is now agree on their marriage and wants them to live happily in the village itself.

Ravi and Priya goes back to home but their family members separates them forcefully and dismisses their marriage. Priya's parent fixes her marriage to another man and after some days Ravi joins back the police force.

Lets watch the full story on Crime Patrol and read Inside Story.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the inside story of the case:

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