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High Stakes: Innocent killed in IPL Betting (Episode 258 on 14th June 2013)

बड़ा दांव
High Stakes
The same case was shown on Shaitaan - A Criminal Mind also

14-year-old Raju Panchal goes to collect his father's car's key and goes missing. His father Sanjay gets a call for the ransom of 20 lac. All are in shock and Sanjay's elder brother suggests him to raise FIR.
Based on Aditya Ranka's murder case-Mumbai, who was killed by his elder cousin Himanshu for a ransom of Rup 30 lac. Himanshu and his friend Jitendra has a debt of 30 lac, so they planned his kidnapping.

Online Episode on SonyLiv:

Online Episode on YouTube:
Here is the inside story of the case

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