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Shaitaan (Colors TV): How a married daughter conspired with boyfriend to defraud father's property (Episode 44 on 9th June 2013)

Based on 2006 incident of New Delhi where a daughter Niti Sarin who held for killing and fabricating property documents to sell them. Niti sentenced 7 years of jail by Delhi court in 2013.

Niti's father S S Marwah (75), a businessman was resident of East Of Kailash and went missing during May, 2006. She also lodged a missing complain at Lajpat Nagar Police Station. Before this,  Niti's husband mysteriously disappeared in 2004.

Niti was only daughter and a spoiled daughter of her father. After her husband went missing she came in contact with Gulfam Ahmed. Niti was disappointed of his father bequeathed his property in favour of his grandchildren (Niti’s children) so she conspired with co-convict Gulfam to fabricate the Power of Attorney purportedly issued by her father in her name for the purpose of usurping his property and succeeded in her ill design. "This circumstance makes the offence of fabrication of Power of Attorney all the more heinous. The whereabouts of S S Marwah are not known till date, although, for lack of evidence, she has been acquitted on the charge of patricide of her septuagenarian father"
Gulfan along with his his four friends planned the murder. Later court acquitted them due to lack of evidence against them. After killing, they all disposed S S Marwah's body to Gang Nahar at Meerut. Police is still not able to get his body back.
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Here is the inside story of the case:
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