Posted On: Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cover Up: A doctor offers bribe to kin after their mentally challenged girl assaulted (Episode 259 on 15th June 2013)

Dr. Pradeep (real name Dr. Vishal Sonawane, 34) and Dr. Devika (real name Dr. Varsha) takes care of a clinic for mentally challenged people. Priya is a 25 year old girl who lives there for treatment. Priya's father and step mother lives in Bhawani Nagar Chawl. Priya lost her senses in the childhood after her real mother collapsed. She stills feels that her real mother is shouting at her. A day Priya complains about a ward boy Gopal (real name Subhash Modad).

Doctor Pradeep shouts at Gopal and keeps him inside store room. Both doctor are also worrying that Priya immediately wants to meet her parents. So if she tell truth to her parents, their clinic will be exposed in front of media. Doctor Pradeep plans to to take bribe from Gopal and offers it to Priya's parent to keep the incident among then only.


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Here is the inside story of the case:

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