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Crime Patrol | Zahar: Dhaba owner Kuljeet murdered over dispute with his brother Arjun! (Episode 698 on 19 August 2016)
Crime Patrol: A Saga of Revenge | Contract killing of Aruna Sampath (Episode 315, 316 on Nov 22 & 23 2013)
Cover Up: Doctor has allegedly bribed the family of a mentally challenged girl who was sexually assaulted (Episode 259 on 15th June 2013)
The Mystery Woman In The Car: Naresh Bharadwaj murdered by Shailja in a car (Episode 214 on 22nd Feb 2013)
Crime Patrol | Dowry: Man drives 4 states to dump wife's body (Episode 78 on 21 Jan 2011)
Crime Patrol | Bharat bhai's Mysterious Death (Episode 58 on 12 November 2011)
Crime Patrol: Naina Kills Her 10 Year Old Nephew Sunny (Episode 40 on 10th September 2011)
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