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The Mystery Woman In The Car: Naresh Bharadwaj murdered by Shailja in a car (Episode 214 on 22nd Feb 2013)

रहस्यमय औरत
The Mystery Woman In The Car
Shailja (played by Anima Pagare) is good in studies so by his coaching teacher's recommendation she gets a temporary job in a semi government organization. She works under Naresh Bharadwaj. She wants to be a permanent employee so she never prompts Naresh whenever he appreciates her dressing sense, look etc. She understands that Naresh is over-reacting at her but being a wish of a permanent employee she always ignores such comments.
After few days Naresh was found dead in his car and CCTV footage exposes that Shailja was involved in this murder.

Online Episode on YouTube:
Here you will get a report on these type of cases in India.
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  1. I feel bad for shailja..may be it was not right step to murder him..but oneway i understand her anger & why she did that

  2. What is the name of the senior inspector in this episode? Wonderful actor; he performed exceptionally well in some other episodes as well.