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Crime Patrol | Driving into danger: Couple Gaurav and Ruchika goes missing (Episode 470, 472 on 14, 15 Feb 2015)
Crime Patrol | Trouble Shooting: Attack on a teacher Girdhar Bisht (Episode 436, 437 on 22, 23 Nov 2014)
Circle of curruption: A mysterious murder and a medical college admission (Episode 331 on 17 Jan 2013)
Who Killed Shweta: Father held for murdering daughter (Episode 229 on 5th Arp 2013)
The Mystery Woman In The Car: Naresh Bharadwaj murdered by Shailja in a car (Episode 214 on 22nd Feb 2013)
Crime Patrol | Tuition teacher Ravi goes missing from his tution center (Episode 173 on 2 Nov 2012)
Fear turned into Lesson: Dehradun Sunil Kohli/Vaibhav Saini murder case (Episode 168, 169 on 19th, 20th Oct 2012)
Crime Patrol | Rajesh Gulati, a U.S. returned software engineer chopped his wife Anupma in 42 pieces (Episode 3 on 6 May 2011)
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