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Rajesh Gulati, a U.S. returned software engineer chopped his wife Anupma in 42 pieces (Episode 3 on 6th May 2011)

The way Aftab killed Shaddha is not a new story; similar incidents have happened in our country before also. Anupama's murder was one of those brutal murders. It was Oct 2010 when his Husband Rajesh Gulati killed her and chopped the body into 72 pieces.
Somesh (real name Rajesh Gulati and played by Mohit Chauhan wants divorce from his wife Arundhati (real name Anupma) because he is already married to another lady with 2 kids. They have their own 2 small kids also. Due to domestic violence, the court charges Somesh 20,000 Rupees monthly for his wife with divorce. Fighting between the couple is increasing each day and then one-day Somesh kills Arundhati.
What he did after that!
Check the below link for the inside story of the case.

Online episode on Youtube:

Here is the inside story of the case:

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