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Tuition teacher Ravi goes missing from his tution center (Episode 173 on 2nd Nov 2012)

Ravi D'souza (real name Ashish Kumar Peter(35) and played by Pankaj Bhatia) is a teacher who gives English tuition at his tuition center. His income is not good and he has overhead of loan from bank as well as from his few friends also. Sunita (real name Ritu Peter and played by Samiksha Bhatnagar) is his wife and she suspects that Ravi has relation with his student Supriya because supriya is the only student who come alone early morning and they daily spend 2 hours in a room alone.

Ravi is suddenly missing from his tuition center. Sunita finds spots of blood as someone has dragged a body from the floor. She informs police and police are now investigating.
Sameeksha Bhatnagar

Online Episode on YouTube:
Here is the inside story of the case

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