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Crime Patrol | Zarurat: Frustrated with relationship, youth kills housewife Pranita (Episode 694 on 7th Aug, 2016)
Hatasha: Rajasthan- Two children abducted and killed in the same manner (Episode 613, 615 on 30th, 31st January, 2016)
Organ Trade: Gurgaon's Kidney transplant racket busted (Episode 385, 386 on 21, 22 June 2014)
Torment: Harassment at workplace, victim immolate herself outside the Delhi Chief Minister's Office (Episode 317-318 on 29th-30th Nov 2013)
Crime Patrol | The Con Team | A Tollywood actress accused of large scale forgery case (Episode 305, 306 on 18, 19 Oct 2013)
Sauda: Story of missing property dealer and his business partner (Episode 260 on 21th June 2013)
Crime Patrol | Double Life: Jai Kumar Prasad & Milind Rege - R*p*st Bitti Mohanty Arrested After Jumping Parole for 7 Years (Episode 243, 244, 245 on 10th, 11 & 12 May 2013)
The Mystery Woman In The Car: Naresh Bharadwaj murdered by Shailja in a car (Episode 214 on 22nd Feb 2013)
Jewelry shop worker Jagdish missing and a booty of a 700 gm Gold Bar (Episode 170 on 26 Oct 2012)
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