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Crime Patrol | Zarurat: Frustrated with relationship, youth kills housewife Pranita (Episode 694 on 7th Aug, 2016)

Zarurat (Need)

(Ep. 694, Crime Patrol Satark)
Similar story HAIVANIYAT has already been featured by Crime Patrol Dial 100. Read Jalpa's story here.

Mahendra is a businessman whose wife Pranita is a homemaker. The couple has two small kids Prabhat and Divya. Mahendra is a wealthy person and mostly busy in his business tours which makes Pranita annoyed. Mahendra often goes on long trips and when he comes home, he spends most of his time on the phone. Due to this behavior of Mahendra Pranita starts feeling lonely and is not able to fulfill her physical desires.
Nilesh is a bright student who is preparing for CS. His parents are having good expectations for him as he is studying hard. He lives next to Pranita's home and terrace of both of them are very near to eachother. Pranita is observing him daily and wants to get closer to him. Somehow Nilesh also starts taking interest in her and finally a day Pranita puts a ladder between both the terraces and Nilesh reaches on Pranita's terrace. They stars having physical relationship which impacts Nilesh's study badly and near after a year he fails in his exams. Now Nilesh wants to get rid of Pranita but Pranita is forcing him to retain their relation.
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Here is the inside story of the case:
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  1. Please upload the real life story of the episode 'Bardaasht' aired in August 2016. To me at least, the story seemed fabricated. It seems Crime Patrol creative team is getting increasingly sexist. There was actually an episode titled 'Triyacharitra' broadcast in the same month. Can we please ask Crime Patrol to maintain the quality, dignity and integrity that we have come to love them for? Thank you very much: A fan of the show now having second thoughts

  2. What is the real name of the actor who portrayed Nilesh ?

  3. What is the real name of cast pranita

  4. Actress name and whats app number please