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Crime Patrol | Mumbai's triple murder case took 3 years to get solved (Episode 198, 199 on 4, 5 Jan 2013)

Rajesh Ganatra brother of Jagdish and Kamlesh, is a builder in Borivali, Mumbai. From few days he is not behaving well. His family members feels that he is some what tense for somthing. One day he get a call from him business partner and goes to meet him. Same night his family member gets a call from his cell phone that Rajesh met with an accident and phone disconnects as battery went down.
His family member searches for him but does not get any clue about any causality and doesn't get any clue of accident in any hospital of the area. They raises FIR and police starts investigation.

Being 1 month, Rajesh is still missing. Rajesh's brothers approaches crime branch for investigation.

Finally investigation reaveal that Rajesh was murdered and also the case becomes a clue of 2 other murder cases held in 2008..!!!

What's whole mystery?

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Here is the inside story of the case: Other Tags: akash verma, borivali, ganatra, geeta, girish chaubay, govind rajput, Innova, jagdish, kamlesh, MACOCA, Maharashtra Control Of Crime Act, near mumbai, neerav dutta, rajesh, triple murder, tungareshwar temple
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