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Double Life: Jai Kumar Prasad & Milind Rege (Episode 243, 244, 245 on 10th, 11th & 12th May 2013)

Milind Rege (fake name Raghav Rajan) is an employee at PKND Growth Consultants who is working there for the last few years. He lives with his roommate Shree Ram. His performance is good so his boss Devendra Parthsarthy is happy with him. Devendra is in chaos after getting an anonymous letter about the real identity of Milind.

The letter mentions a web URL of the crime branch and describes he is working at Devendra's office with a fake identity and his real name is Jai Kumar Prasad (real name Bitty Mohanty). Jai was convicted of harassing a german lady(in 2005) and he went missing after going out of the jail on parole. Devendra asks Shree Ram about him and after this, he meets Bangalore Police and describes all this.

Police (lead played by Sanjeev Tyagi) starts an investigation and finds that all his documents and address of local guardian is fake.

Double Life -- Part I - Episode 243
Double Life -- Part II - Episode 244
Double Life -- Part III - Episode 245

Double Life -- Part I - Episode 243
Double Life -- Part II - Episode 244
Double Life -- Part III - Episode 245

Watch the video to know more about the case

Based on the real story of Bitty Mohanti (Son of former Odisha DGP BB Mohanty) who was on the imprisonment of 7 years for harassing a German lady in 2006. Bitty was working as a Probationary Officer in a public sector bank in Kannur with a fake name Raghav Rajan from Andhra Pradesh. He was missing since he got parole for a reason of an unwell mother who wants to meet him. According to police a senior officer of the bank got an anonymous letter that described his real identity.

Here you go for the inside story of the case:
Bitty Mohanty caught in Kerala after seven years, Jaipur police to seek custody

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  1. Who is the actor that featured as the protagonist (or rather antagonist) in this 'dual life' episode?? Looks great! :)