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UPDATE: Court stops telecast of Sony’s ‘Crime Patrol’ episode based on Teacher Recruitment Scam case, Haryana

New Delhi
The Dehi High Court stopped Sony TV to broadcast the episode of Crime Patrol based on 1999-2000 junior teacher recriutment scam case that involved former chief minister of Haryana O P Chautala, his son Ajay Chautala and 53 other. The episode was scheduled to aired on today and tomorrow (23th-24th Feb 2013).

The advocate from Chautalas were already sent a warning to Crime Patrol team not to telecast the show because the case is still is in High Court consideration. He explained that Chautala sought a suspension of his 10 year imprisionment and the show should not aired until the prisionment is decided.
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Other Tags: Crime Patrol Dastak, Haryana Teacher Recruitment Scam during 1999-2000 (Episode 252 - 253 on 31 May and 01st Jun 2013)
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