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Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos | List 5

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Baadal: Kanpur's triple murder case (Episode 339, 340 on 26th, 27th Nov 2016)

Kanpur is shaken with a triple murder. A courier boy informs the police that he found blood drops at the main gate of Dhirendra Chaudhary...Watch Video.

Jashn: Uzbekistan's Belly Dancer Shakhnoza's mysterious murder case (Crime Patrol Dial 100, Episode 59 on 31st December 2015)

Delshoda (real name Shakhnoza) is a belly dancer from Russia who was hired by a bar manager in Mumbai. Nazia, another Indian dancer is jealous of her because...Watch Video.

Case 4/2017: Jharkhand's Adivasi minor girl servant found locked in an almirah (Episode 575 on 13th January 2017)

...Watch Video.

The Oblique Attack: Acid attack on Komal on the morning of her marriage day (Episode 473, 474 on 21st, 22nd Feb 2015)

कोमल (played by Piyali Munshi) की शादी को एक दिन बाकी है। कुछ लोग हैं जो उसपर हमला काने की फिराक में हैं। वो लोग दो दिन से उस पर नज़र रखे हुए हैं और बाद में पता चलता है की कोमल उसकी शादी की सुबह ब्यूटी पार्लर...Watch Video.

Behrupiya: Vishal found murdered after his broken relationship with Preeti (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 116 on 23rd March 2016)

Vishal is a college student who was in love with his classmate Preeti from the last few years but suddenly decided to opt-out from this relationship....Watch Video.

Inside Story **Mass Murdered** Case 7 / 2017: Bhind Murder Case (21st Feb 2017)

Aditi is Abhay Verma's girlfriend. She loves freaking out with friends and her nature is frank with everyone. She is the only daughter of her parents and her parents never...Watch Video.

Armaan: 24-Year-old Surbhi Rajput shot dead outside her guest house (Episode 747, 746 on 16th, 18th December 2016)

Surabhi Rajput is a 24-year-old young girl who works as a receptionist in a motor vehicle showroom. A morning when she is coming back to her guest house after the morning walk, shot dead by...Watch Video.

Case 17/2017: Crime Patrol: Canadian woman booked for husband’s murder, paid Rs 2.7 lakh to contract killer (Ep 776, 777 - Case 17/2017, 11 March)

A villager of Sadar Nagar, Ludhiana area finds a male dead body at a deserted land. When the police arrive, people of that area tell them that the deceased is Property Dealer Surendar Arora. The police find his mobile phone with him but his car is missing...Watch Video.

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