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Case 19/2018: Shopkeeper Dhananjay's suicide turned to be a grusome murder case (Episode 918, 919 on 12th, 13th May, 2018)

2018 का उन्नीसवाँ केस
Case 19/2018
Vasai Shopkeeper Dhananjay is found dead in a lake. His post-mortem report reveals that he died of drowning only and files the case as UD i.e. unnatural death case but Dhnanjay’s father and brother are sure of some conspiracy and forces police to investigate the case.
When the police start investigation they come to know that 32-year-old Dhananjay was having an affair with many Women. He was providing goods at a low price on behalf of compromise. Recently he was in touch with three women Urmila, Jhanvi, and Anjali. Police interrogate Jhanvi and two others to unveil the mystery and comes to know that Dhananjay did not commit suicide but was murdered.

Based on the real story of Ranchi. Avinash Kumar Singh aka Ranu was working in an Organisation in Ratu Road near Durga Temple. His body was found in Ranchi's *Kanke Dam* (opp to CMPDI, Ranchi) after the second day of he went missing. On primarily level police was considering it as a suicide case but later they come to know that Avinash was the victim of a big conspiracy...

Part 1: Suicide Or Murder Part 1
Part 2: Suicide Or Murder Part 2

Part 1:
Part 2:

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