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Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos | List 8

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Case 40/2017: In Greed of getting Government Job in Railway 4 boys killed cousin and nephew (Episode 817, 818, 819 on16th, 18th Jun, 2017)

Brick kiln owner Ranjan Chauhan is a wealthy and strong man who live with her wife and his son Sooraj Chauhan is a medical student who lives in college hostel. Ranjan Chauhan suggests Sooraj to leave medical line, come back to home and take charge of his father's...Watch Video.

Case 41/2017: Hyderabad's NRI, a Customer Relationship officer in Abu Dhabi's National Bank Syed Imran killed (Episode 820 on 23rd June, 2017)

Syed Imran was a NRI from Hyderabad who was working as customer relationship officer in Abu Dhabi's National Bank. Her missing complain was registered by his mother on 4th Feb this year and on 14th Feb police revealed all mystery behind his missing...Watch Video.

Case 38/2017: Pratima Solanki's dead body found inside a barrel after 3 months of she went missing (8th, 9th, June, 2017)

A man murders a girl and puts her dead body inside a barrel. Later he pours bulk of phenyl inside the barrel so the body can decompose. He locks the flat and runs away. Three months after he has left, owner of that flat calls him for his room rent but his number is...Watch Video.

Case 36/2017: Housewife Anjali found murdered in her house (Episode 811 on 1st June, 2017)

Anjali is a housewife who lives with her husband and two kids Smriti and Ankit. A Sunday while she comes back from her mother's home which is nearby in the same locality, murdered by slitting her throat...Watch Video.

Case 35/2017, Murder case of innocent boy Randhir Sahani (26, 27, 28 May)

This story is based on a suitcase murder case reported in Kulra, Mumbai Jan this year. Dead body of a 12 year boy Randhir (Gopi) was stuffed inside a suitcase and was left near Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in Mumbai...Watch Video.

Tollywood actress accused of large scale forgery case (18th, 19th Oct 2013)

Entailing story of a very confident duo who used to target people related to banks and big companies to commit a fraud of big amount...Watch Video.

Devadasis of Rural South India, female servants of Gods

क्राइम पट्रोल का ये एपिसोड प्रकाश डालता है दक्षिण भारत के अति पिछड़े इलाकों में चली आ रही की एक सैकड़ों साल पुराणी प्रथा देवदासी पर जिसको की यहाँ प्रभू दासी के रूप में दिखाया गया है. देवदासी का मतलब होता है भगवान् की सेवा करने वाली...Watch Video.

Arun tikku (Amar Batra) murder case (Episode 123,124,125 on Jun 29,30 and 1 July 2012)

Arun tikku (Amar Batra) is father of Anuj Tikku (casting Abhishek Batra who is a bollywood actor). Before acting Anuj Tikku was a media marketer and RJ (Radio Jockey) in delhi. Anuj is single son among his parents and currently lives in mumbai while his mother-father lives in Delhi...Watch Video.

Kandivali boy Karnit Shah kidnapping case (Episode 5 on 13th May 2011)

Karnit Shah (Anmol Mehta) a small boy kidnapped by someone while playing cricket...Watch Video.

Case 19/2017, Munirka, Delhi Double murder case (Ep 779, 780 - 18, 19 Mar, 2017)

Mumbai police finds dead body of a girl in a housing society's common area. Girl is murdered slitting throat and dumped in a polythene bag. After few days police finds another woman torso in a society gutter who has a tattoo on her left wrist...Watch Video.

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