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Mastermind duo behind murder of Arun Tikku, father of actor Anuj Tikku (Episode 123, 124, 125 on Jun 29, 30 and July 1 2012)

The same story has been already shown by Crime Patrol Dastak in 2012 as Episode 123, 124, 125 on Jun 29, 30 and 31 July 1, 2012)
This episode is based on the Arun Tikku murder case, solved by the Mumbai police. Click here for 27th Oct 2012 Navin Batra murder case
Arun Tikku (shown as Amar Batra and played by Abhay Bhargav) is the father of Anuj Tikku (shown as Abhishek Batra who is a Bollywood actor). Before acting Anuj Tikku was a media marketer and RJ (Radio Jockey) in Delhi. Anuj is a single son among his parents and currently lives in Mumbai while his mother-father lives in Delhi.

The reason for this murder was to occupy Anju Tikku's 50 Crore property (at Lokhandwala Mumbai) which was IN the name of his father Arun.
After few days of the murder, police arrested Anuj Tikku but Anuj was denying the murder even he was unknown of all the incidents happening.

Starting investigation exposed that a struggling actress/model Simran Sood (Monica Suri played by Parul Chaudhary) who was living in a rented flat near Anuj's home and was a friend of Anuj was involved in this case. Interrogation explained that Simran's boyfriend Vijay Palande (casting Varun Suri or Vikram Deshmukh and played by Mitil Jain) was the mastermind of the murder case.

inside story

After this Police arrested Gautam Vohra (casting Rishabh Badhva) a stock broker who gave shelter to gangster and murder accused Palande. Police arrest Palande in Mumbai of 10 Apr but he escapes the same day form a police vehicle. Police arrested him again on the same night from CST railway station when he was planning to leave Mumbai.

A police officer also played a loop-hole between police and Palande.
Who is Anuj Tikku?
You must have seen him in many movies and commercial ads. The recent small role that was done by him was a few second's roles in ‘No One Killed Jessica’. Remember the scene when Rani Mukharji who was playing a generalist role in the movie abuses a man who is sitting right to her in the plane, “Wahan hote to... G****d fat ke haath me aa jaati.”.

Another small role was played by Anuj Tikku was the character of ‘Khanna’ in Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Rann’ staring Big B, Ritesh Deshmukh.

Besides this, he has done many commercial ads. Here is the Aajtak coverage on the case and this video contains one of the commercial ads (Shock Laga Laga Laga by Anchor Switches)

The story hunt behind an aspiring director, a aspiring producer, a model, and a criminal.

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