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Mentally challenged Indian released from Lahore (Pakistan) jail after 2 years (Episode 121, 122 on 22, 23 Jun 2012)

Tukaram Karpe is a Factory worker. He loses his mental balance when his factory shuts down in 1996. He still get up early morning and prepares himself for factory work even the factory is closed.
In 2010 suddenly tukaram disappears when his son brings him to a psychiatrist. His son and family tries everything to get him back but they does not find anything.

After one and a half  year his family gets a letter from a reporter from Panjab. The letter describes that tukaram is now in a jail of Lahore (Pakistan) and that reporter gets this info from another prisoner relived from the same jail. The letter contains another letter from tukaram itself.

See here the real life incident with crime patrol version of the case. Here is a real life photo of Tukaram Karpe (Real name Bhanudas Karale)

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Part 1:
Part 2:

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