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Crime Patrol | The Illusion of Death, Husband's Fake Demise Unveiled (Episode 119, 120 on 16, 17 Jun 2012)

Suresh (real name Sohan Lal, 32, Resident of Hardoi, UP and working at Hodal, Haryana and played by Susheel Tyagi), a cab driver who delivers water, constantly harbors suspicions about his wife Sarita (real name Laxmi and played by Shraddha Jaiswal) having an affair with his childhood friend Raju (real name Sonu and played by Sudeep Sarangi). Despite his wife's consistent denial, Suresh remains convinced of her infidelity. In a shocking turn of events, Suresh devises a plan to stage his own murder, enlisting the assistance of his friend Vikas (real name Sanjay and played by Anuj Sharma).

However, their scheme takes an unexpected twist when both Suresh and Raju's sister mysteriously vanish. Several days later, a decomposed body is discovered in a pond located in Faridabad. Suresh's family and wife identify the body as his. The case is reignited when Suresh's cousin spots him driving a van one day, challenging the belief that he is deceased.

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Here is the inside story of the case:

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