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Crime Patrol | Accidental death of Aashish Patil turned into Murder case (Episode 67 on 16 Dec 2011)
Asambhav: Online shopping records help police unfolding a murder case (Episode 689 on 29th July, 2016)
Crime Patrol | Darr: Malini commits su!c!de in fear of her video will go viral (Crime Patrol Dial 100, Episode 173 on 23rd June, 2016)
Money Trail: Murder of Yogesh's mother Damini (Episode 424 on 11th Oct 2014)
Crime Patrol | The Missing Links: Connection between two missing people and a Land Scam (Episode 355, 356 on 11, 12 April 2014)
Unforeseen Enemy: Jasmin's trouble after he fills a customer satisfaction feedback survey form (Episode 333 on 24th Jan )
Crime Patrol: Pinjara - Teenage girl escapes from brothel with help of a social worker (Episode 313, 314 on 15, 16 Nov 2013)
Abducted: In one sided love, Arun abducts Meghna, Gandhi Nagar - Gujrat (Episode 263 on 28 June 2013)
Shaitaan (Colors TV): A Virtual Trap of Social Networking and Cyber Crime (Episode 32 on April 14th, 2013)
Crime Patrol | Assam Girl Nafisa Lands Into Br*th*l (Episode 232 on 12 Apr 2013)
Shaitaan (Colors TV): Ratnagir, Pune bomb blast inside a home (Episode 18 on 16th Feb 2013)
Crime Patrol | Well planned murder of Divya Prajapati, daughter of Retired police inspector (Episode 196, 197 on 29, 30 Dec 2012)
Shaitaan (Colors TV): Dream of luxuries made him a criminal (Episode 6 on 16th Dec 2012)
Three murders and buried bodies in the backyard of house (Episode 126, 127 on July 7,8 2012)
Mentally challenged Indian released from Lahore (Pakistan) jail after 2 years (Episode 121, 122 on 22, 23 Jun 2012)
Crime Patrol | Rajesh's son Aadi goes missing while enjoying at beach with Purvi (Episode 22 on 9 July 2011)
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