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Crime Patrol: Pinjara - Teenage girl escapes from brothel with help of a social worker (Episode 313, 314 on 15, 16 Nov 2013)

Poornima is is one among her three sisters. She lives with her father in village Sheerampur in Maharashtra. She gets trapped in a dance institute named Rangoli Dance Institute. On the other hand, Fauziya is a social worker who also teaches girls in Seva Uddhar Sanstha. A day she gets call from Poornima who calls her from a unknown number. She tells Fauziya that she is in big trouble and she is calling through her dance academy's security guard's number.
He asks for help from Fauziaya and she explains that this dance academy is actually a brothel, where they forces girls to learn dance and satisfy the customers.

Lets watch full episodes in two parts with inside story:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the inside story of the case:
other tags: pradeep, saif, fauziya, raghu, sarv uddhar, poornima, teeanger, pinjra, raliputra, ghanshyam, narain, mala, performing art center, kiran, rohini, shivrampur, acharya vidya bhawan, rangoli natya grah, dance academy, arla
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