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Crime Patrol | In search of my family: Will Shiv S Vartak find his family back after 24 years (Episode 311, 312 on 8, 9 Nov 2013)

In Search Of My Family
तलाश अपने परिवार की
Shiv S Vartak (real name Ganesh Raghunath Dhangade) is a member of Maharashtra Police division's Quick Response Team. Shiv has lost his family 24 years ago and he can guess his father's name starts with 'S' because he has a tattoo on his arm that shows his name Shiv S Vartak.
He lost his parents when he went out of his home with his friends without telling anything to them. The three went to a train and got down at a station. Other two, Sanjay and Babloo asked him to wait for them until they comes back. Shiv waits for them but they did not come. Disappointed and scared shiv took another train and got down at CST station.

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Shiv slept near a beach and next day seeing hom crying, a lady took him to his home. From next day Shiv starts working with his son. But one day he met with an accident. When he get conscious, doctor tell him that the lady who had taken him under her wings no longer wanted him. After few months hospital sends him to a orphan home Anand Kendra at Bareilly.

Lets watch how Shiv found his lost family after 24 years and how PI Adesh Surve helped him finding his family.

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Here is the inside story of the case:
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