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Crime Patrol | Darr: Malini commits su!c!de in fear of her video will go viral (Crime Patrol Dial 100, Episode 173 on 23rd June, 2016)

Malini Raghuram is an ambitious girl who is only daughter of her parents in Chennai. After engineering she wanted to do MBA and for that she chooses a collage in Pune. Her father is not supporting her in her decision and he wants that she live here only and do her MBA but Malini is stuck with her decision. Somehow her father agrees and allows her to go to Chennai. In Chennai she chooses a PG Accommodation and starts living there with two other girls.
Her parents are still worrying about her that why she chose a place to far from their home. Actual reason behind her MBA in Pune was her friendship and love with a Pune based boy Sharad More. She met first with him on Facebook and fell in love with him. Later she decided to do MBA from Pune so she can come closer to Sharad. Sharad is shocked to see her in Pune. A day while Sharad comes back to his flat he finds Malini's deadbody in a pool of blood with a cut on her wrist.
Malini Raghuram played by Aman Sandhu
Malini played by Aman Sandhu



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