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Shaitaan (Colors TV): A Virtual Trap of Social Networking and Cyber Crime (Episode 32 on April 14th, 2013)

Anil, a bihar based student who comes to pune on reference of a native senior Subhash. Anil is addicted to internet and spends daily 4-5 hours on spacebook chatting. He gets a friend request from a girl Veena. Spending good time on internet forces him to meet her. Veena invites hes at her home and then kidnaps with the help of her friends.

Infact this was a gang of internet chat group where Veena traps people, invites them and during having sex with them makes photos of videos then blackmails them.

They calls Anil's parent to a ransom of 2 crore (20 million) rupees. His father comes to pune and informs police about this.

Based on Adnan Patrawala murder case (mumbai, 2007) who was kidnapped then murdered.

Name of the accused are:
  • Sujit Nair
  • Ayush Bhat
  • Rajeev Dharaiya
  • Amit Kausha
  • Khimesh Ambavat(17)
Prosecution was failed to prove the murder though after 5 years of the murder in 2012, the Mumbai session court acquitted four of the 5 accused. Last one, Kimesh Ambawat was a juvenile and was tried by the Juvenile Justice Board.

Online Episode:
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