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Courtroom | State v/s Nikhil Bhosle: Court's Landmark verdict on Animesh Boxi v/s State of West bengal (Courtroom Episode 5, 6 on 22, 23 Feb, 2019)
Latur Garbhapat Scandal: Police finds multiple fetus in garbage (Dial 100 Episode 314 on 30th November, 2016)
Ghaat: Blackmailed over facebook lands engineering student to commit suicide (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 95, 16th February, 2016)
Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders- A gang of art students from Pune who did serial killings during 1976-1977 (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 46 on 16th December, 2015)
Pratha: One of country's most backward village is known for Bride selling, reselling on contract by own father/brother (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 7 on 4th Nov, 2015)
Kahan hai Priya: One year long wait of 4 year old missing minor Priya (Episode 580, 581 on 31st Oct, 1st Nov 2015)
Money Trail: Murder of Yogesh's mother Damini (Episode 424 on 11th Oct 2014)
Out of Mind: One Eyed Man targetted more than 25 children (Episode 384 on 20th June 2014)
The Missing Links: Connection between two missing people and a Land Scam (Episode 355, 356 on 11th, 12th April 2014)
Deceived: Innocent teenage Harshita gets trapped through social networking website Facebook (Episode 343 on 28th Feb 2014)
Unforeseen Enemy: Jasmin's trouble after he fills a customer satisfaction feedback survey form (Episode 333 on 24th Jan )
Web of crime: Malad police solves suitcase murder case (Episode 326 on 28 Dec 2013)
A Cruel Lesson: Professor Sanjiv's wife Rachna goes missing (Episode 274 on 26th July 2013)
Shaitaan (Colors TV): Ratnagir, Pune bomb blast inside a home (Episode 18 on 16th Feb 2013)
Murder of innocent siblings parul and amit (Episode 190 on 14th Dec 2012)
An Essey on my Family: Tejas exposed domestic violence of his home as class essay (Episode 187 on 7th Dec 2012)
Cop solves blind murder case of ram rao khadre with the help of Tailor's tag (Episode 166, 167 on 13-14 Oct 2012)
Domestic violence forces ranjana to commit suicide (Episode 158 on 22 Sep 2012)
Madhav Narayan's son Ramesh kidnaped for 10 lac rupees (Episode 156 on 16 Sep 2012)
Mentally challenged Indian released from Lahore (Pakistan) jail after 2 years (Episode 121, 122 on 22, 23 Jun 2012)
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