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Courtroom | State v/s Nikhil Bhosle: Court's Landmark verdict on Animesh Boxi v/s State of West bengal (Courtroom Episode 5, 6 on 22, 23 Feb, 2019)
Crime Patrol | Accidental death of Aashish Patil turned into Murder case (Episode 67 on 16 Dec 2011)
Crime Patrol | Woman Arrested in Mumbai, Maharashtra for Threatening R*pe Frame-up on Teenager (Episode 86 on 18 Feb 2012)
Latur Garbhapat Scandal: Police finds multiple fetus in garbage (Dial 100 Episode 314 on 30th November, 2016)
Crime Patrol | Ghaat: Blackmailed over facebook lands engineering student to commit su!c!de (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 95, 16 February 2016)
Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders- A gang of art students from Pune who did serial killings during 1976-1977 (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 46 on 16th December, 2015)
Crime Patrol | Pratha: One of country's most backward village is known for Bride selling, reselling on contract by own father/brother (Crime Patrol Dial 100 Episode 7 on 4th Nov, 2015)
Kahan hai Priya: One year long wait of 4 year old missing minor Priya (Episode 580, 581 on 31st Oct, 1st Nov 2015)
Money Trail: Murder of Yogesh's mother Damini (Episode 424 on 11th Oct 2014)
Out of Mind: One Eyed Man targetted more than 25 children (Episode 384 on 20th June 2014)
Crime Patrol | The Missing Links: Connection between two missing people and a Land Scam (Episode 355, 356 on 11, 12 April 2014)
Crime Patrol | Deceived: Innocent teenage Harshita gets trapped through social networking website Facebook (Episode 343 on 28 Feb 2014)
Unforeseen Enemy: Jasmin's trouble after he fills a customer satisfaction feedback survey form (Episode 333 on 24th Jan )
Web of crime: Malad police solves suitcase murder case (Episode 326 on 28 Dec 2013)
Crime Patrol | A Cruel Lesson: Professor Sanjiv's wife Rachna goes missing (Episode 274 on 26 July 2013)
Shaitaan (Colors TV): Ratnagir, Pune bomb blast inside a home (Episode 18 on 16th Feb 2013)
Murder of innocent siblings parul and amit (Episode 190 on 14th Dec 2012)
Crime Patrol | An Essay on my Family: Tejas exposed domestic violence of his home as class essay (Episode 187 on 7 Dec 2012)
Cop solves blind murder case of ram rao khadre with the help of Tailor's tag (Episode 166, 167 on 13-14 Oct 2012)
Crime Patrol | Domestic violence forces ranjana to end life (Episode 158 on 22 Sep 2012)
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