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Web of crime: Malad police solves suitcase murder case (Episode 326 on 28 Dec 2013)

गुनाह का जाल
A web of crime
Saira is mother of Shoib and Majid. His father Qadir Niaz (real name Alam Ansari) is his step father from whom she want some money for her husband Altaf's bail. Altaf is in jail under a case of chain snatching. Her father denies so she reaches her mother.

Her mother also tells here that she does not have so much money. Altaf forces her to get the money any how. She talk with someone in the night and leaves her home. Next morning two person finds a blooded suitcase near a nallah.
They calls police and police finds a body of 32-34 year old man stuffed into that suitcase. The deceased was injured on head and neck by a sharp object. Investigation reveals that he is Saira'a father.

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Here is the inside story of the case

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