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Case 38/2017: Pratima Solanki's dead body found inside a barrel after 3 months of she went missing (Episode 814 on 9th June, 2017)

2017 का अड़तीसवाँ केस
Case 38/2017

(Episode 814 on 9th June, 2017)

A man murders a girl and puts her dead body inside a barrel. Later he pours the bulk of phenyl inside the barrel so the body can decompose. He locks the flat and runs away. Three months after he has left, the owner of that flat calls him for his room rent but his number is switched off. Trying the number of times, she comes to the flat and asks a helper to break the lock. After breaking the lock they find a foul smell is coming from the room. When they check that barrel, they find a dead body floating inside it upside down. Police investigation reveals that it was a conman Ratan who killed that girl (real name Neha Pawar) and fled.

Online Episode on SonyLiv:

Online Episode on YouTube (Available in few countries):
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