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Barbaric Intentions: UP Triple murder, Husband-Wife and daughter killed (Ep 136 on 21 Jan 2020)
Case 33/2018: A sister's plan to kill her brother went awry (Episode 941 on 2nd Dec, 2018)
Case 46/2017: Engineering students double murder at Lonavala (Episode 829, 830 on 8th, 9th July, 2017)
Case 36/2017: Housewife Anjali found murdered in her house (Episode 811 on 1st June, 2017)
Case 38/2017: Pratima Solanki's dead body found inside a barrel after 3 months of she went missing (Episode 814 on 9th June, 2017)
Case 27/2017: Mumbai's Paanwala's son's Nikunj Chaurasia murder case (Episode 791, 792 on 15th, 16th April 2017)
Asaan: Murder of Sinner housewife Manisha Kale (Ep 744 on 9 Dec 2016)
16 year old Naina Bansi Rathod found hanging from a tree (Episode 564 on 2nd Oct 2015)
Chot: Murder of 16 year old Rohit Thakur (Episode 532, 533 on 18, 19 July 2015)
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