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Crime Patrol | Case 79/2017: PWD Employee Mahima Mistry's mysterious murder (Episode 882 on 30 Dec 2017)

2017 का उन्नासीवाँ केस
Case 79/2017

Mahima Mistry is a responsible employee at the government's PWD department who lives alone on rented accommodation. A day when she is absent at her office, her colleagues are surprised because she always shares with them if she has to take leave.

On the other hand the same morning, a rag-picker of that area finds doors of Mahima's home is closed. Something unusual strikes in his mind when he finds the same situation the next day also. He tries to look inside the window and finds Mahima is lying on the floor. Immediately he informs this to other colony members and police is called.

Police find Mahima dead. The primary investigation is saying that she was strangulated. The body is sent to the postmortem. The police do not find anything missing from her home. Her jewelry and money are not stolen, so the murderer did not come to rob her home but came to kill her only for some reason.

More investigation tells that Mahima was a divorcee. She divorced her husband just after a few months of her marriage and its been seven years now. Police also comes to know that Mahima used to give a loan on lower interest to her known people. In fact, she was not paying any rent as her landlord Laxman had also taken a big amount from her and is paying interest every month. Later police come to know that Mahima has given the loan to a few more people in her office as well as in her locality.

This information is awkward for police because a woman who was earning near 22,000/- salary per month, not belonging to any big family, not having any property, etc was having so much money to give loan!

Police gets another shock when they find a Pendrive containing few obscene video shot by Mahima itself. Now the police are confident that on behalf of these videos Mahima must be blackmailing some people who killed her.


Here is the inside story of the case:
Crime Patrol Case 79/2017 Inside Story (Episode 882 on 30th Dec 2017)
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