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Crime Patrol Shooting Stopped, Anup Soni to be back as Show Host...!! (2 Feb 2023)

Have you noticed that Crime Patrol has not been airing on Sony TV for the past few days? It's surprising, isn't it? The last episode of Crime Patrol 2.0 aired on Dec 30th and after that, its filming was suspended. This new version of Crime Patrol started in 2021 as Crime Patrol 2.0, but it was not well received by viewers due to its low quality. However, the old actors were later brought back to the show, such as Nissar Khan, Sanjeev Tyagi, Abhishek Khandekar, Geetanjali Mishra, etc. Despite having no improvements in direction or story, Crime Patrol has been airing with these actors for the past one and a half years.

Just last month, viewers took to social media to boycott Crime Patrol when they saw the portrayal of the Shraddha Waqar murder case. The outcry was so intense that the creators were forced to remove Episode 212 from their website.

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There are rumors that Crime Patrol is planning to bring back Anoop Soni in an effort to restore the show's former reputation. Anoop Soni left Crime Patrol in 2018 but briefly returned for a few days in 2019 for Crime Patrol Satark, directed by Subbu. After leaving the show again in 2019, Crime Patrol has been hosted in various formats by Divyanka Tripathi, Ashutosh Rana, Renuka Shahane, and Sonali Kulkarni.

Sony TV's Crime Patrol has a history spanning three decades. The show first premiered in 2003 and gained widespread popularity in 2011 when produced by Optimystix Entertainment India Pvt Ltd. From 2011 to 2018, it was directed by a team including Darshan Raj, Shreya Dudheria, Durgesh Peharwar, Nadeem Ahmed and Gaurav Rana, under the supervision of Subramanian Iyer. The transition from Crime Patrol Dastak to Crime Patrol Satark was successful, but in 2016, the show introduced a new format called Crime Patrol Dial 100. Previously airing two to three times a week, Crime Patrol began airing seven days a week, with three episodes produced by Optimystix and the rest by other production houses. This marked a decline in the quality of the show. It appeared that the stories and direction of the show were done in a rush.

Despite the decline in quality, Crime Patrol had established itself as a brand and its audience continued to watch it. However, its popularity started to wane over time. In 2021, the show was temporarily discontinued for 3-4 months before it was relaunched as Crime Patrol 2.0 in March this year. Despite the extensive promotion, the show failed to offer anything new and received poor reviews from viewers.

The stories and direction of Crime Patrol 2.0 were criticized for being absurd and poorly executed. The new cast failed to capture the attention of viewers, leading the show's team to bring back veteran actors. However, even that did not sustain for long. The team is now planning to bring back Anoop Soni, but it remains to be seen if his return will lead to a marked improvement in the stories and direction, or if he will simply be used as a figurehead.

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