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Crimes Aajkal - A new Crime show by the creators of Crime patrol, courtroom and project 9191
Crime Patrol Shooting Stopped, Anup Soni to be back as Show Host...!! (2 Feb 2023)
Case 12/2017: Psycho killer of Alwar kills his wife and cuts into pieces (Episode 769 on 17th Feb, 2017)
Crime Patrol: Khauf | Foul murder of five members in Komal's family (Episode 516, 517 on 6, 7 Jun 2015)
Crime Patrol Completes its 750 episodes
Hiding the truth: Innocent girl Pooja becomes HIV positive becasue her father hid some truth (Episode 327, 328 on 3rd, 4th Jan 2014)
Crime Patrol | Baby Falak Case: A vulnerable child protection mechanism of India (Episode 89, 90 on 2, 3 March 2012)
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