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Crime Patrol Case 4/2019: Institute owner Phoolkumari killed 3 years after murder of husband Raju Saw (Ep 71/72 on 21/22 Oct, 2019 on Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

2019 का चौथा केस
Case 4/2019
Vaibhav and his wife Aarti are running an institute successfully for last few years. A night when Vaibhav is wrapping up all the things with his assistants, few assailants suddenly enter the institute and hostages them in a room. The ties all three on chairs in one room then bring Vaibhav to another room.
A few hours pass, Vaibhav's wife Aarti is worrying about him because his phone is also not connecting. Midnight she reaches the institute and finds Vaibhav's 2 assistant detained in a locked room. They explain the entire incident to Aarti and tries to find Vaibhav in other rooms but couldn't found.

A police complaint is filed and next day police find Vaibhav's dead body outskirts of the city.
Police investigation reveals that Aarti was the mastermind of it and they put her behind the bar along with her companion. The case takes another turn when aarti also got murdered years after this incident when she was out on bail working in her institute.

Based on a real incident of Ramgarh, Jharkhand where DRS Technical Institute director Raju Saw was abducted and killed the same evening. Police arrested his wife Phoolkumari and her paramour as the main accused and Court also convicted them in the murder of Raju Saw. The case did not end here only. After 3 years of this murder, Phoolkumari was also murdered when she was in her office.

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