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Crime Patrol | Case 11/2019: A routine traffic checking reveals mystery behind a double murder (Ep 83, 84 on 6, 7 Nov, 2019 on Crime Patrol Satark Season 2)

2019 का ग्यारहवाँ केस
Case 11/2019
During a routine check, traffic police find a man driving scooty without having its registration documents. That man tells police that he recently bought this scooty from a motor mechanic who wanted to sell it. The police chase that motor mechanic for scooty's registration papers and he tells that its papers are not yet received from the person who left the scooty to his shop. On checking scooty's chassis, number police come to know that it is a fake registration number is assigned to the scooty while scooty belongs to a girl names Sonal Patel. Police arrest a man who tells him that he found this scooty standing from quite some time at an isolated place.
Now, police reach Sonal Patel's home where they come to know that Sonal has left the home just a few days back without telling anything to anyone. She was in love with a guy names Jayesh Parmar and wanted to marry him so they think she must have eloped with Jayesh. They also tell that it was embarrassing for them to handle the situation because recently she was got engaged with another guy from their cast.

One police constable is being suspicious about Sonal's missing and her doubt turns as confirmation when the police of another area find dead bodies of a young couple in a jungle. Bodies are identified as Sonal and Jayesh and later their DNA reports also confirm the same.

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